Includes 8 Palo Santo Sticks


  • Just as sacred sage was used by native peoples in north america so as palo santo been used by indigenous cultures in south america. Palo santo derives from the “sacred wood” tree, long worshiped by indigenous cultures for its purifying powers + today recognized for its ability to uplift mood, strengthen vitality + aid in protection.


    Rituals Austin's palo santo is sustainably harvested from palo santo forests, ethically sourced through community work opportunities + part of a vast reforestation program sanctioned by the south american government.

  • Set the intention for your ritual by asking to release all negative energies that no longer serve you + to bring what you desire into your space.


    Light the end of your palo stick stick, let burn for a few moments + blow out the flame so your stick is smoking.


    Walk around the room making sure to focus on the nooks. Allow the smoke to billow at the corners + use a fan or your hand to direct the flow. As you walk the room you can sing, chant, pray, or say affirmations into your space. Whatever raises your vibration.


    When you feel you've successfully cleansed your room, extinguish your palo santo stick by pressing the tip into a fire safe bowl. If you feel called to it, thank your higher power or the Universe in any way you see fit.


    Gratitude is a key element to any ritual.