Defined BEAUTY + GLOW Duo

$110 value

Defined BEAUTY + GLOW Duo

  • Defined BEAUTY + GLOW Duo is a curated pairing of Alex’s favorite products that bring you deep hydration + luminous skin, naturally. Featuring CAMELLIA + ROSE Luxurious Beautifying Serum + ROSE GERANIUM Sacred Glow Body+Bath Elixir.


    Specially curated by BUCA Botanicals + The Defined Dish.


    With love, Ashley + Alex


    DUO Includes:

    + CAMELLIA + ROSE Beautifying Serum 18mL

    + ROSE GERANIUM Body+Bath Elixir 4oz


  • CAMELLIA + ROSE is a luxurious beautifying serum that fights the signs of premature aging while stimulating renewal at the cellular level, rejuvenating, tonifying + softening skin into a silky smooth radiance.


    ROSE GERANIUM is a beautifying body+bath elixir with an intoxicating floral aroma that leaves skin deeply nourished + moisturized with glowing hydration.