Hello! I'm ashley  - owner, founder & maker behind BUCA BOTANICALS. I designed my own line of skin care products after discovering the magical healing powers of Earth's ingredients  during my journey through skin ailments & sensitivities. I'm motivated by my love of the earth, aesthetics, people & life - what's happening around me, what others are doing & how they are expressing themselves. It inspires me to keep doing what I love & improving on that.

In 2010, I started experiencing excruciating allergic reactions to toxins found in certain skin care products & makeup. The last reaction I had several years ago blew up the left side of my face to the size of a baseball, tearing my skin open from the inside corner of my mouth to outer left cheek. The swelling went down after a steroid & benadryl shot, leaving my skin sagging just below my jaw line.   It began to heal into what looked like a second mouth on my cheek.  I wasn't able to open my mouth in the mornings because overnight, my lips would heal about 3/4 of the way shut as if they were stuck together with glue.   I tried to maintain internal balance for as long as I could, but after a few days I had a major freak out - thinking that my face would be permanently scarred or would never heal properly. This added stress  set my skin back about a day or two. I had to recenter my mind on the present &  allow myself to be ok with what my body was currently going through in order for my skin to continue its healing process on its own - without my my mind worrying about the future.  It  took a total of 10-12 days  to completely heal. During the first few days I only used pure, cold-pressed plant oils that had been effective during previous reactions. I started to incorporate the initial formula of what is now my TAMANU & YARROW face serum during the last few days, which helped tremendously in accelerating the final stages of my skin's healing process.  Everything became fascinating to me - our skin, our minds, our bodies, Earth's gifts of natural ingredients & their extraordinary healing powers.  This final reaction opened my eyes to what I knew would be the beginning of my life’s passion.

Everything we put on our skin absorbs into our bloodstream & has a profound effect on our body internally. Keeping it nourished & hydrated allows our body’s systems to flow properly & function at their best. I believe that developing mindfulness techniques & incorporating them not only into your daily life, but into your skin care ritual as well will greatly benefit you. Beginning to notice what you’re putting on your skin, when it fluctuates or becomes imbalanced from various environmental stressors, mood, emotions, hormones, diet, lifestyle, etc. - becoming  in tune with your body & in tune with nature will help you to understand what your skin needs in order to maintain harmony on both a daily & seasonal basis. 


Earth gives us the most potent healing agents of physical regeneration that bring balance to our skin, restoring its optimum vitality & natural radiance. I formulate my products to be innovative & high-performance, that work for a variety of skin types & cater to both daily & seasonal stressors - offering you clean, safe, non-toxic skin care that is healthy for you & healthy for the environment.   We're all different & unique, yet already perfectly whole & naturally beautiful. Finding the right products that work for your own skin & maintaining inner balance will keep you  looking & feeling healthy, vibrant  & glowing - from the inside out.


With love,